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10 Hidden Marvels Of Ladakh Everyone Must Unravel.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Ladakh is undoubtedly a dream destination for all travel freaks. Thousands of tourists visit this enchanting location every year, making it the most desirable travel setting in India. The union territory, Ladakh, is located in the Northern part of the Indian subcontinent and is known for its spectacular beauty. The clear blue sky, natural hues, and eccentric locations define Ladakh the best. Ladakh is surrounded by mountains, adventurous activities, ancient temples, and Buddhist Monasteries. It is synonymous with Pangong Tso Lake, Thiksey Monastery, Khardung-la Pass, Markha Valley, Nubra Valley, Tso Moriri lake, Hemis National Park, and Diskit Monastery. But apart from these dreamy destinations, Ladakh has so much more to offer.

When we talk of Ladakh, lake sights, camping, adventurous bike tours take our mind, but there is much more to discover here. Here are the top ten incredible places which you must visit on your Ladakh excursion.

  • Turtuk

Turtuk is one of the least popular but wonderful places in Ladakh. Here, you will explore stunning ancient monasteries. Turtuk is an excellent option if you desire to explore a different location in Ladakh. It is enriched with natural beauty, flora, and fauna. The famous Siachen glacier begins from Turtuk only. Pin Turtuk on your wishlist and make the most out of this place's visit.

  • Chorbad

Chorbad is a small and charming village in Ladakh. This village was conquered in 1662 or 1664 by the Ladakhi forces. It lies to the east of the beautiful place Skardu. If you are a forest and environment lover, then this place will completely enchant you. Chorbad is one of the least visited places in Ladakh, but its simplicity and beauty make it a must to unravel.

  • Da

Da is a hidden village of the Brokpa district in Ladakh. The people of Da were converted to Buddhist in the 19th century. Da is filled with scenic beauty and a naturally attractive aura. The climate here is perfect for cultivating wine, grapes, cherries, apricots, and walnuts. The tourists here can visit several mini villages. It is the last Aryan village left in India, which makes it a historically remarkable place.

  • Daru

Daru is a calm and decent place to unveil in Ladakh. It is a village in upper Ladakh. The natural environment illuminates this place. Rich diversity and wildlife also make this place more extraordinary. It is culturally and regionally a vibrant location. There are many glorious rock inscriptions here, and the site is highly fascinating because of its culture and variation.

  • Basgo

Basgo is one of the hidden but very alluring Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. It is situated near the bank of the Indus river and belongs to the Ladakhi chronicles. The weather here remains 23 celsius for a good part of the year. The place is well-known for its Buddhist monastery and historical ruins. The local language spoken here is Urdu. Travellers can easily reach by road from Leh to here. April and June are the best months to visit Basgo.

  • Rangdum in Suru Valley

Rangdum in Suru Valley is one of the most stunning destinations in Ladakh. This valley is situated above sea level and finds its place among the most hidden and breathtaking places in Ladakh. The area is all over, surrounded by rocky hills and colourful mountains. The beauty of Rangdum in Suru Valley is enriched with glaciers and natural tints. The official languages spoken here are Ladakhi, Purge, and Urdu. Rangdum is the hub of the tribe Bakarwals. Camping and bonfires are the two most preferable activities here. Gear yourself and make the most of your Ladakh excursion by visiting this stunning place.

  • Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley is also one of the unheard and unravelled places in the union territory of

Ladakh. People here speak the Zanskari language. Zanskar Valley is the perfect spot for those tourists who want to know the Buddhist affinity. This valley is a lively place imbibed with snow-covered mountains and appealing hills. The site will introduce you to clean rivers and give you a peaceful state. Tourists who choose to travel to places like the Himalayas must visit Zanskar valley once to experience the glory of mounts.

  • Panamik

Panamik is situated in the Nubra tehsil. It is famous for its rich biodiversity. This place is known for its hot springs. One can shop here the finest of Kashmiri shawls and woollen socks. It is undoubtedly a worth watching place when it comes to visiting the unknown spots in Ladakh.

  • Tangtse

Tangtse is one of the unexplored places in Ladakh. Tangtse is the gleaming region in the Northwestern end of the famous Pangong Lake. It is located in the Durbuk tehsil. Years back there, a famous battle took place between Ladakh and Tibet from forces, and Tangtse is the evident site.

  • Changthang

Changthang lies in the part of high altitude with a height of 4350 m. It is situated closely between the India and China borders. This place is also prominently known as the North Tibet plateau. It is most distinguished for its massive highlands and beautiful lakes. One of the significant highlights of Changthang is a cone-shaped tent known as Rebo. If you are making up your mind to visit a whole new culture and a diverse region, then Changthang is the perfect destination for you.

Wrapping up

Ladakh is the epitome of beauty and eternal grace. The union territory is an ideal destination for travel lovers. From craze, peace to natural wonders, Ladakh offers everything. This place is a paradise loaded with mountains, natural covers, and prosperous biodiversity. Every traveller must explore the stunning Ladakh once. Here in the article, we have mentioned some of the hidden wonders in Ladakh. These places are least popular in the union territory. But they enclose the divine beauty of the natural environment. If you are planning to visit Ladakh anytime soon, then make sure to unveil the charisma of these places. Make your trip a happening one by exploring the unknown wonders of Ladakh.

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