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A proper Healthy Meal for your kids

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

A healthy diet is a meal that helps to maintain our health. A healthy meal provides the body with essential nutrition full of fluid, nutrients, calories and proteins. For people who are already health conscious, being on a healthy diet is not a problem but more of a habit and contains mostly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and other nutrients in proper amounts. A healthy meal is recommended not only for adults but also for children too. Children also need proper nutrition for their growth and development. Adopting proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, kids can enjoy disease free life. Poor diet and physical inactivity leads to child becoming weak and less resistant to fight various chronic diseases. According to national academic press, many kids do not follow the recommended dietary standards of staying healthy. Through this article we are giving options of food items that your child will definitely love to eat. While choosing the best meal for your child, one has to be aware of their allergies and it is mandatory that everyone knows the allergy treatment option.

1. Eggs – When it comes to proteins, egg is the best option. Eggs are one of the most preferred foods by kids. It contains a good balance of proteins and other nutrients which help to increase the concentration power of your child. Scrambled eggs or other alternate egg options mixed with a proper meal of carbohydrates allows the child to stay alert during class. Eating a healthy balance of proteins also helps to gain as well as maintain the weight of the children.

2. Greens – When we talk about the greens, it’s the least favorite food option even for the adults. The greens are considered to be rich in vitamins and linked to lowering the chances of dementia during old age. They also contain antioxidants and other nutrients which help in the development of the brain. One has to be creative while feeding greens to the kids; you can include them in pastas, smoothies to make sure your kid loves it. Including greens in your meals should be encouraged to lead a better life.

3. Beans – beans are loaded with fibers and proteins. They are affordable and very easy to prepare. Some of the favorite beans for kids include black beans, the chickpeas, and the kidney beans.

4. Grains are good too – grains include pasta, noodles, rice etc. grains are good for children as they give them energy for growth and development. They have low glycerin index and help the kids have a fuller stomach for a longer period of time.

5. Sweet Potatoes – sweet potatoes are considered to be very nutritious for kids. The sweetness in them is very appealing in taste for the kids. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, fibers and potassium which are essential nutrients required for the growth of children. Sweet potatoes also help in maintaining your blood pressure and ensure proper pumping of blood in your hearts and also .Rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, starch and fiber, sweet potatoes are also called low fat food.

6. Fish – when it comes to healthy meals for your child, do include fish. Fish is a very good source of vitamin d and omega 3. They help in growth of our body bones and mental abilities. Introducing foods like fish at an early age, you are eliminating any chances of developing declined mental skills or even memory loss. Fishes like sardines, tuna, calamari etc are good options for your kids. The more omegas 3 is included in your diet, there are better chances of smooth functioning of our brains, thereby helping the kid stay focused in the class and other situations which require reasoning. Children love grilled fish. It is the best way to included fish in their diets.

7. Protein rich foods –The foods that are rich in proteins are important for the growth and development of children. Foods that are rich in protein include lean meat, chicken meat and eggs, chickpeas, and also nuts. Children need these foods to ensure proper muscle development. In addition, the foods we have listed above do contain a good balance of essential minerals that helps in the development of the children body parts. Protein-rich foods are essential for brain development and help children in learning.

8. Fats are healthy too – a healthy meal must consist of proper balance of fats. Kids need plenty of fats in their diet. They are important for cell growth. Olive oil, avocados, seeds; nuts are common foods which contain good amount fats that are required for our bodies.

Your kids need to feed on a healthy balanced diet every meal. Make sure they are taking enough water to keep them hydrated. Encourage proper exercise to keep your child active.

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