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The Secret of Japans Longevity

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

It is no secret that the people in Japan will live longer than us- Want to know why? Unlike the rest of the world, Japanese Lifestyle is simple and clear. It is one of the few nations that know how to balance its lifestyle from tradition to contemporary; Japan surely knows how to deal with it. Their lifestyle for a longer survival can be tried by anyone. Everyone can adapt to their lifestyle very easily. The Japanese live in a country where they praise the sun so much that they include this in every aspect of their lives. They know how to balance their work and personal lives and when it comes to time management they are considered to be masters of it. The Japanese also believe in traditions, hence they make sure that their ancient traditions are still alive by passing it on to their next generations.

5 reasons why they are considered to live a longer period of life from the rest of the world –

Nutrition: The Japanese always believe in eating healthy. Their food intake is full of vegetables, fruits, seafood, soup and rice. Just like the other Asian countries the Japanese love their rice but they make sure that they eat it in healthy proportions in order to maintain their weight and the noodles known as ramen is made of buckwheat which is very healthy and helps to control their blood sugar. Their soups also contain all types of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats in proper proportions. Dishes like cabochon squash, mole, wasabi etc are world famous foods and come with a whole package of nutrients. The healthy nutrients provided by the vegetables and fruits maintain the body in a good condition and regulates the metabolism rate at optimum levels.

Regular health check – ups: Reduce your chances of getting sick by regularly getting yourself checked at the doctor. Recent records have shown that Japanese have themselves checked more than 12 times a year; they have a take for preventive medical care. They encourage the saying prevention is better than cure. It is better to get yourselves checked regularly rather than regretting it in the late stages.

Physical lifestyle – physical exercise can lead to a healthier state of mind and reduces the risk of various diseases. The whole nation of Japan believes in promoting physical activity in their daily lifestyles. They prefer travelling in trains or buses for their work. They believe in pollution free environment, there by promoting the more use of bicycles which is very good exercise for the body. Physical activity is part of almost every citizen’s life in Japan and travelling in a car is considered as a luxury. One must involve regular exercise in their lifestyle in order to maintain their health as well as to promote a healthy living.

Cleanliness is next to godliness – As mentioned before, Japan believes in a pollution free environment. They have the lowest pollution free index compared to India and other countries. Their cleanliness in surroundings, purity in air and water are one of key reasons why Japanese tend to live longer than the rest of the world. They sustain the freshness of the fruits and vegetables ensuring that there is no loss of intake when it comes to nutrition. They take precautions to keep their fruits and vegetables as fresh and healthy to consume by keeping their surroundings neat and clean. Keep your lifestyle active and promotion a safe and clean environment to sustain and live longer happy lives.

Family and friends – Japanese people are very traditional when it comes to their family and friends. They believe in traditions and keep on passing it on to the next generations. They know how to balance their work life and personal life. Unlike other countries, they meet their guests in restaurants rather than home. They spend quality time with their families by going on regular outings, trips, picnics etc. They strongly believe in putting their family first. Japanese people are very organized; hence it makes it very easier to plan their schedules including their time to spend with family and friends.

A healthy diet, exercise on a daily basis and medical checkups at regular intervals are all the reasons for Japan’s longevity and the very reason why this particular country is topping the chart of highest survival rate in the world. With a little effort that is consistent, you too could achieve the Japanese Way of life to live a longer and healthier life.

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