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Top 6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Routine at the Office

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Having a 9 to 6 job can cause toll on your body. Spending the whole day sitting in front of the desk can cause problems like weight gain, back pain, mental stress, unhealthy dieting habits etc. It is very important to have a healthy work life routine Following these 6 pieces of advice will improve your health, making you feel better and more successful in your profession.

1. Have regular meals – it is difficult to maintain healthy choices when you are surrounded by people who keep eating unhealthy snacks. You have little time to prepare meals at home when you have a hectic working schedule. Avoid desks where people keep sugary or salty snacks and go on a break with those who stick to healthy snacks. One must remember to eat proper portions from time to time. Make sure your stomach is full with food.

2. Workout as much as possible – sitting in front of the desk continuously isn’t good for our body. It makes us more lethargic and fat. So one must keep our body active as much as possible. Even at work make sure you are physically and mentally active. Whenever possible, get up and take a short walk. Try to go for a walk after lunch. Another option to include physical activity, is to park your car at a place farther than your office. This way you can include walks in your daily routine.

3. Help your body – sitting in the desk for a whole day is not healthy for our bodies. It can cause neck pain, back pain or body pain. Working at a computer for hours every single day takes a toll on our bodies. Ergonomic office furniture is furniture that supports good posture and employee well being through its innovative design and comfort. Ergonomic office furniture like chairs, standing desks, and supportive keyboards are designed to support employees as they work. When workers aren’t hunched over or working on equipment that worsens their posture and form, they can experience a reduction in pain. Ergonomic furniture works to fix employees posture, realign their spine, prevent arthritis and reduce the number of work-related injuries overall. To reduce tension neck syndrome, one can also get a portable neck massager which helps to prevent chronic pain from increasing.

4. Protect your eyes – when you are at work you spend most of your time in front of the computer straining you eyes. There needs to be a distance of arm’s length between your eyes and the computer/laptop. One must be able to read the screen without squinting. You can always increase of decrease the font size if you are not able to read it.

5. Keep yourself hydrated - drinking plenty of water during physical activity is essential. Hydration also affects your strength, power, and endurance. One must drink 10 glasses of water to keep themselves hydrated. If you think you’ll forget to drink water, set an alarm that will go off every half an hour. It will remind you to hydrate and then go back to work.

6. Know when to stop – One needs to know when to stop. Do not over work yourself. You might get exhausted and anxious. Allowing yourself to stop doing something and going home because you’ll continue the next morning is perfectly ok. That way, you’re giving yourself time to recover and refresh. Otherwise, you’re just going to make things worse in the long run.

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